For nearly 100 years, the Mondonico family produced the finest frames used professionally in the 20th century into the 21st. Antonio Mondonico was the last of these master craftsmen to produce hand built frames and bikes in their tiny little shop in Concrezza, Italy. The lugs are painstakingly held in place by drilling tiny holes and driving alignment pins through the lugs into the frame tubing. This means the frame is heated only once to complete the brazing, thus preserving the quality of the steel. 

Now the steel deserves its own mention here. Not all steel metals are created equally and the distinguished rider can detect the subtle differences in quality of the steel and the quality of the fabrication, taking care to preserve the steel as much as possible. The Italialian Columbus tubing rivals among the best steels in the world, up there with Germany and Japan who have long since mastered steel metallurgy. The result is a bike that might be heavier than a carbon or aluminum frame, but is extremely responsive and also forgiving - the best of both worlds. There is reason why many cyclists still ride the time tested steel framed bike! Steel is real!


Most Mondonico frames were delivered bare and painted with team colors and logos for professional riders, so fewer are completed in Mondonico's shop such as this one. This bike was build for a woman in Denver in 2006 who happened to be a patron at a local bicycle shop in Arvada, Colorado when the very elderly Antonio Mondonico was visiting. The bike shop took her measurements and translated to Mr. Mondonico the specifics of what she wanted, and he returned to Italy to build yet another frame - for all we know, it is one of the very last pieces of work he did before he finally retired that same year. 

Comes with a full Campagnolo Chorus groupset geared for touring, making this perhaps one of the most elegant bikes to take over the Rockies of Colorado. 

Frame Dimenions:  52cm seat tube, 71.5° Head Tube angle, 75° Seat Tube Angle, 53.5cm Top Tube,  78.5cm Stand over height


Truly one of a kind

2006 Hand Built Pin-Lugged Antonio Mondonico 52cm Road Bike

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