It is no secret that Huffy bikes are built like tanks. Made from high carbon steel with no effort whatsoever to save weight. When this bike came in, it looked like someone landed pretty hard with it, so we rebuilt the bike trying to shave off as many pounds as possible. The result is this durable single speed fat bike. Has 3" wide tires and the frame could allow for up to a 3.5" tire. Forged chain, alloy crankset, and handlebars with Cult Vans flangeless grips! This Huffy has been given the "Silent Treatment."

Huffy Fortress 3.0

  • All bikes sold or repaired in our shop are guaranteed for 90 days after the completion of sale or service. This includes all mechanical adjustments, repair, and replacement of components except for tires or tubes that were punctured during riding. 

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