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Maintenance Services

$45 - Kid's bike basic tune
Clean, lube, adjust chain, repair tubes/tires as needed.

$60 - Basic Tune-up
No parts replaced; the bike is washed, lubed, and adjusted. Will advise a standard tune-up if it is needed. Consider it a discount for taking care of your bike!

$85 - Standard Tune-up
Bike is washed, lubed, and adjusted. Cables, housing, and grips replaced as needed. Additional parts are extra if replaced. 


$105 - Classic Standard Tune-up Basically an overhaul on a classic bike (pre-1988). Everything is disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and restored as new using as many original parts as possible. Painting, parts, and frame work extra.

$120 - High Tech Tune-up
This applies to high-end full suspension mountain bikes, eBikes, and downhill bikes. Includes standard tune plus inspection & adjustment of suspension, electronics, and brake bleed. Replacement parts extra.

Flat Repair - $5-25

Tubeless Service - $20 + parts

Derailleur/Brake Adjustment - $10

Wheel True - $15-30

Headset Adjustment - $5
Brake Bleed - $25 per wheel

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