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Silent Riders

Providing Bikes To Those in Need


Since 2020, Silent Custom Cyclery has given away a fully tuned up, rebuilt bicycle to someone in our community each weekend with a free raffle that takes place on Facebook. This is the Silent Riders program, which is fueled by generous donations of used bikes and parts from the community. Be sure to follow our page on Facebook to get in on the action!


Do you need a Bike?

We realize that not everyone has access to Facebook and can follow our page to win a free bike, so this page serves as a back door for a low-cost, or free bike. To be considered for a free or very inexpensive - but quality - bicycle, please apply below with your information. We do not need any financial info, just your story, and some basics about what kind of bike we might put together and what you can afford, even if it is zero. Wait times are about 1 - 2 months once approved. 



Please provide your name, email and some physical info such as the rider's age, height, and what kind of bike is preferred. Then of course, please tell us how this bicycle would help! It will help us help you.

Thanks for submitting!

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