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Backshop Service Department

Silent is committed to your happiness, which is the reason that we provide all the services you need to keep that old bike rolling, or those skis and snowboards shredding. Whether you have a clapped-out 40-year-old Huffy, an eBike, a sophisticated enduro bike, a road bike, a recumbent bike, a snowboard, telemark skis, or some monstrosity you bought on Temu that you plan to take to Burning Man, let us give your mobility device the "Silent Treatment" and bring your rig in today! Bring us whatever you need us to fix, and experience a "Silenced" contraption (at least a little quieter.) We stand behind our work. Below are the different repair packages we offer at flat rate: 
Custom Bicycle Diagnosis/Repair/Build: $50/hour
Custom eBike or EV Diagnosis/Repair/Build: $100/hr
Gas Small engine Diagnosis/Repair/Build: $80/hr



Bicycle Maintenance


Repair & Restore


Wheel Building


eBikes and mini EVs


Ski & Snowboard

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