Bicycle Consignments

High Quality Used Bike Sales



Get more cash for your old bike!

Do you have a nice bike you want to sell? You could either post it online and deal with low-ballers, no-shows, and other scammers, or you could consign the bike at our shop and we will take of the rest! You get paid when your bike sells and we only take a small commission for our service, allowing you to get top dollar without the hassle. 


High Dollar Consignments
We take 10% of the sale plus any work done, for bikes selling for more than $3000


Mid to High Range Consignments

We take a 20% commission for bikes sold up to $3000 plus any work done


Vintage Bikes
Vintage bikes can be worth a lot, but it often takes a great deal of research to learn the story of each bike, to determine if it will be valuable if restored. Therefore, vintage bikes are accepted for consignment at our discretion. We do pay cash or store credit for old bikes that have potential, but consignments must be completely restored with documentation of their historical significance. 

Just contact us or bring your bike into the shop and we will negotiate a deal that will give you more money and sell it faster!

Additionally, you may trade in your old bike for store credit and sometimes straight cash, if possible. Trade-in value will be determined when the bike is brought to the shop.  


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