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eBikes & Mini EVs

Mini EVs and eBikes are the way many people now travel short distances and find an exciting way to exercise. These electric-powered devices are finding their way into everyday life. Well, it turns out that Marty went to DeVry University (before they got shut down) to pursue a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology and finds it to his pleasant surprise that there are suddenly eBikes everywhere that need work. We work on eBikes, electric mopeds, 2x2 motorbikes, mobility scooters, and more! We have had limited success with cheap eScooters and wish dot com specials and recommend you avoid buying such gimmicks. If you aren't sure about a potential purchase online, ask us and we'll give you our opinion based on an EV technician's point of view, which translates into your overall cost of ownership.

eBike Assembly

Have your eBike shipped to our shop for professional assembly, inspection, and tuning.


eBike Tune Up

Similar to a high-tech tune-up but more focus is on the electronics, brakes, and Drivetrain wear - it is, after all, technically a motorcycle.

Class I - $135
Class II & III - $150
X Class (Class IV) - $250
EV MOPED, Scooter, dirtbike - $300


Service Name

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